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: a stably balanced state :

At PŌIZ we embrace balance and harmony as the binding principles for our firm’s design process, our purpose, and the aesthetic value of our work.

Our studio explores design as an even dialogue between formal and functional qualities. We believe both should inform one another, be equally prioritized, and co-exist in harmony throughout the design process.

Our purpose as a practice is to create buildings and spaces that are refined, avant garde and conscious to the needs of our clients. Simultaneously, we strive for design solutions that are mindful, and have a positive impact within a larger context. In our work, we prioritize the desire to improve people’s lives, give back to the community, and preserve the environment.

We devote the aesthetic value of our projects to the ideas of regionalism and sensitivity to contextual surroundings. We believe in architecture that is adaptive and responsive, yet prominent and unique through innovative explorations of form, texture, and materiality.

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